The Phage is regarded as the most deadly organism to ever exist, and is the single greatest threat to life in the universe. It is a weaponized biological factor which was developed in a Human military research facility in 15470 C.E.Y. Although made only for theoretical purposes, the codenamed “Man-Eater” was never destroyed due to rising tensions between the galactic races, and an ever pressing need for political leverage.

The Phage is a simple organism which needs very little to survive, and is absolutely devastating to organic matter. In the simplest sense, the Phage breaks down nearby sources of carbon and builds them into lattice-networks of 6-carbon rings. This has the effect of disintegrating organic matter at an incredible speed; it is capable of consuming the entire arm of a full grown man in less than 6-hours.

The support structure of the Phage also makes it incredibly resilient to external forces, and only extreme physical trauma at the molecular level is capable of destroying the organism. Additionally, the Phage is capable of going into a dormant state in which it seals off the sensitive internal organism and is capable of surviving without oxygen, nitrogen (it can use either one in the breakdown process), or food sources for up to 5 Colonial Eldrich Years. This can be extended almost indefinitely when the Phage is trapped in space, as the near zero kelvin temperature halts the metabolic process.

The Phage is asexual, and has remained essentially unchanged throughout all the generations that it has produced. Any mutations which occur seem to lessen the effectiveness of the organism, and the mutated strain is quickly extinguished by its progenitor. It is capable of aerosolizing when a colony is struck by an object with enough force, however, in most cases the spread to adjacent food sources outpaces the airborne process.


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